Mechanical Engineer

Role Overview:
We are seeking a skilled Mechanical Engineer to join our team. As a Mechanical Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in assessing the performance of mechanical components, devices, and engines. Your responsibilities will involve collaborating with clients and managers to establish budgets, timelines, and specifications. Your expertise will be crucial in the maintenance and enhancement of equipment to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. You will harness computer-aided design and modeling software to execute your tasks, and you will be engaged in effective communication with suppliers. Additionally, your involvement in research, design implementation, and testing procedures will be fundamental to our success.

Key Responsibilities:

Evaluate the performance of mechanical components, devices, and engines.
Collaborate with clients and managers to define budgets, timescales, and specifications.
Enhance and maintain equipment for optimal safety and efficiency.
Utilize computer-aided design and modeling software for effective design work.
Establish productive communication channels with suppliers.
Conduct pertinent research to inform engineering decisions.
Develop, implement, and execute designs and testing protocols.
Present design proposals to both managers and clients.
Participate in testing, evaluation, modification, and iterative testing of products.
Generate comprehensive reports and documentation.
Provide expert technical advice within your domain.
Analyze and interpret data to draw meaningful conclusions.
Execute mechanical design tasks and consulting services, encompassing systems design, production, schedules, and specifications.
Collaborate closely with internal and external design team members.
Represent the company in meetings and engagements.

Possess a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Demonstrate a minimum of 5 years of experience in mechanical engineering, particularly within the medical device sector.
Proficiency in mechanical engineering design, including proficiency in Solidworks, especially in multidisciplinary projects such as plastic and silicon injection molding and electronic packaging design (experience in these areas is advantageous).
Experience in transitioning designs to production and providing production support, including expertise in Work Instructions, Bill of Materials (BOM), jig and fixture design, and molds.
Proficient in technical documentation writing.
Strong command of the English language, encompassing speaking, reading, and writing skills.
Familiarity with design methodologies and technologies that emphasize cost-effectiveness and manufacturability.
Ability to work autonomously and deliver results effectively.

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